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The middleware API is experimental and may change in the future.


If you are looking for a way how to use net/http middlewares with ogen, check out the Using net/http middlewares section.

ogen provides a high-level middleware API that allows you to perform custom logic before and after the request is handled by the server.

Unlike the net/http middleware, ogen middleware gets an already parsed and validated request, and must return a typed response.

package middlewares

import (


func Logging(logger *zap.Logger) middleware.Middleware {
return func(
req middleware.Request,
next func(req middleware.Request) (middleware.Response, error),
) (middleware.Response, error) {
logger := logger.With(
zap.String("operation", req.OperationName),
zap.String("operationId", req.OperationID),
logger.Info("Handling request")
resp, err := next(req)
if err != nil {
logger.Error("Fail", zap.Error(err))
} else {
var fields []zapcore.Field
// Some response types may have a status code.
// ogen provides a getter for it.
// You can write your own interface to match any response type.
if tresp, ok := resp.Type.(interface{ GetStatusCode() int }); ok {
fields = []zapcore.Field{
zap.Int("status_code", tresp.GetStatusCode()),
logger.Info("Success", fields...)
return resp, err