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Work in progress, so some features are missing

  • No reflection or interface{}/any
    • The json encoding is code-generated, optimized and uses go-faster/jx for speed and overcoming encoding/json limitations
    • Validation is code-generated according to spec
  • Code-generated static radix router
  • No more boilerplate
    • Structures are generated from OpenAPI v3 specification
    • Arguments, headers, url queries are parsed according to specification into structures
    • String formats like uuid, date, date-time, uri are represented by go types directly
  • Statically typed client and server
  • Convenient support for optional, nullable and optional nullable fields
    • No more pointers
    • Generated Optional[T], Nullable[T] or OptionalNullable[T] wrappers with helpers
    • Special case for array handling with nil semantics relevant to specification
      • When array is optional, nil denotes absence of value
      • When nullable, nil denotes that value is nil
      • When required, nil currently the same as [], but is actually invalid
      • If both nullable and required, wrapper will be generated (TODO)
  • Generated sum types for oneOf
    • Primitive types (string, number) are detected by type
    • Discriminator field is used if defined in schema
    • Type is inferred by unique fields if possible
  • Extra Go struct field tags in the generated types
  • OpenTelemetry tracing and metrics

Not implemented

  • Content-types
    • XML


  • duration is a Go time.Duration format, but JSON Schema defines it as RFC 3339 duration.